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Land Pooling

What is Land Pooling?

Land pooling is a method where a group of landowners are willing to give their land parcels to the government or Authority for development of infrastructure like residential area, industrial area, commercial area, etc. Once the development is complete, the developed parcel of land is given over to the original land owners. Parcels of land given to the land owners are in the shape of developed residential/commercial/industrial plots, where there is availability of basic facilities and amenities like access to road, water supply, electricity connection, sewerage connection, etc.

Benefits of Land Pooling to Authority

  • Incurs less cost to the Development Authority.
  • Authorities do not have to give cash compensation to the land owners.
  • It is Less time taking, easier possession of land.
  • Equitable sharing of cost and benefit to the authority, which acts as revenue for development authorities.
  • Land Available for infrastructure and recreational development.
  • Less chances of enhancement and litigation.